Our knowledge and experience throughout the years has made this our specialty! A Gourmet Buffet can truly enhance your party or event. We will provide you with the most tasteful and creative options to please you and your guests with food you won’t forget!


  Fresh and Exotic Salads:

  • Vermicelli with Spicy Shrimp

  • Georgia Peanut Salad with grilled Peanut Butter Chicken

  • Organic Basmati Rice with Caramelized Maui Onions and Sweet Peas

  Hot Hor D'  oeuvres:

  • Medallions of Chicken Coq au Vine

  • Three Cheese Tomato Ravioli Lamb Ragu

  • German Rouladin~Rolled tender Beef filled with Onion and Bacon in a Burgundy Pan Sauce

  Cold Selections:

  • Spicy Tuna Sashimi Bowl with charred Belgium Endive

  • Specialty Sushi Rolls

  • Cold Cajun Shrimp with spicy “Spaglicious” Cream Dip


These are a small example of the variety of our Gourmet Buffet items.  Let our team build a Gourmet Buffet to suit the needs of you and your guests for your next event.

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