Looking back at my last 25 years of operating Creative Gourmet, I have had many priceless experiences. I have held some fabulous events, cooked for, and met some very interesting people. And I would like to share some of these times with you.

Through the years Creative Gourmet has been the chosen Caterer to prepare meals for the cast and crew for almost all of the motion pictures and music videos filmed here in Detroit; some of which include: “Hoffa,” “True Romance,” “ Renaissance man,”  “Out of site,” “ Hard Ball,” and “61.”

During the filming of Hoffa, I personally cooked for Mr. Jack Nicholson and Mr. Danny Devito. They loved my food. I was more than pleased when they responded by saying the following- Mr. Nicholson said: “John time waits for no man,” Mr. Devito said; “John, thanks for the great grub.” Some time following that, I was asked to cook for Mr. Nicholson at his home during the filming of “The Crossing Guard,” directed by Sean Penn, in Hollywood California. They asked me to be an extra.  I was in a scene with Jack at Niki Blair’s restaurant on Sunset Boulevard.

When Pavarotti and The Three Tenors performed the last major concert event at the Old Tiger Stadium on Trumble Ave. in Detroit, I was there alone with them on stage between sets. Chills ran up and down my spine as they didn’t speak, but communicated by singing aqua Pella back and forth to each other while popping Sicilian Rice Balls, Imported Prosciutto, Reggianno Parmesan Cheese and Roasted Red Pepper Bruchettas in their mouths. I then witnessed, first hand on stage, how they made the walls tremble on Trumble after eating my food. What an exciting evening!

During the filming of “61,” here in Detroit, after cooking for Mr. Billy Crystal, I dared to ask him for a part in his movie-just for fun. He replied, “You’re too “cosmopolitan” for the part.  I then responded by saying, “Okay, but I can be really cocky!” He then said,” Okay, you have to be really cocky.”  He then let me, a couple of my friends and my Dad, (who made him some meatballs) audition in front of the camera! Needless to say… I didn’t get the part, but he loved my dad and his meatballs!!

Recently, we were chosen to cook for a “star- studded” commercial, where we proceeded to prepare meals  day and night out of a kitchen that we temporarily fabricated at  a closed down car dealership!  I personally orchestrated the meals for the stars and their entourage. Among them was none other than Mr. Danny Devito! This would be my third event   I had the pleasure of cooking for him. The second event was the filming of “The Renaissance Man.”  It was directed by Ms. Penny Marshall, here in Detroit. We were also chosen to cook for the cast and crew as well.  He had his wife, Rea Pearlman with him, and he introduced me as: “The best chef in Detroit.” The rest of the cast included: Ms. Rebecca Romijn Stamos , who asked me for a recipe of our “Blue Cheese Salad,” (I couldn’t say no…!) Mr. James Beluci , who couldn’t get enough of our “Robust Guacamole Salad.” He said, “It was the best guacamole he had ever eaten!,” LL Cool Jay and Mr. Bernie Mac, who had us prepare some extra gourmet sandwiches, and Mr. Devito and his wife, Rea, loved our home made canolis. They also had us pack his jet full of food for the ride home to Hollywood!


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